Sport Activities

Windsurf, wingfoil, kitesurf, sailing, canoeing and sup

Not far from the village there is the windest place of the lake, which offers freestyle windsurfing in the early morning: the horn of Predore. Suitable for medium-skilled practitioners who have their own equipment available: the only service present is the little dock. The handsome "Vet", the morning wind from the north, could works from May to October. For windsurfing in the afternoon is better to go to north, where it is particularly strong for "Ora", that is a quieter afternoon wind. We can give you all the info of the case, we are passionate windsurfers

At the height of the Grè area, before Castro and the unforgettable road over the lake, there are friends of Sportaction club, offering courses and rentals for windsurfing, canoeing, kite surfing and sailing

There is also Sebino Kite School located on the opposite side of the lake, near Marone, which offers lift services, rental and kitesurfing courses.

In the small hamlet of Tavernola there is a small sail club sail club, which, though having limited facilities, enjoys the advantage of a better exposed base for the afternoon wind. In the lower lake there are other sailing clubs with good facilities, but with less wind. Exiting from their piers you are forced to sail slowly to reach other lakes areas including that of our local club.

At the club, just north, and even further south in front of the police station, there are slides, with which you can access the lake with your canoe.


Particularly appreciated is the tour of the lake, on the common roads, and also on the Vello-Toline byke pedestrian track. There is also the climb from Tavernola, which touches the Magotina. Once you arrive in Bratta you can go on mountain bike trails. Possible other itineraries towards Val Camonica or Lake Endine, passing from Riva di Solto and facing a short but challenging climb. Several trails are also found in the Franciacorta area, between the lake and the city of Brescia.

Free climbing

Not far south of Tavernola there is a well knowed cliff, with southern exposure. Comprised of different sectors, with routes suitable for all tastes, from beginners (in the Central Sector) to the most experienced climbers (the Aladdin sector, with the way of Dreams of Glory 8c). Other areas to mention are the Gradoni and the Blue Sector, an immense balcony above the Central Sector and not to be missed on sunny winter days. The rock is a compact limestone, holes and reglettes.


Just a few minutes from Magotina there is one of the most beautiful canyoning routes in Lombardy, excursions are organized by canyoning lab.
Iseo Lake offers beautiful canyoning routes in different streams: the Borlezza in Castro, the Guerna at Sarnico. In the nearby Val Camonica lies the Valley of Hell in Esine.


Starting from the Magotina you can run to the village and continue on the lakeshore in the direction of Lovere or Sarnico, the context can only be pleasant. Annually on these routes are held the Sarnico-Lovere and the water marathon, as well as some triathlon races, where mountain routes are also exploited.

Swimming and diving

On the lake is possible to swim everywhere and there are numerous public swimming pools. At Tavernola harbor you can dive and discover the finds of World War II. Other interesting scuba diving finds at nearby Predore horn


Launch Place from the nearby Bronzone Mountain, 10 minutes drive and about a short walk.


In the lake you can fishing everywhere (with license). In June, all the coasts of Tavernola lakeside are frequented by fishermen during the fishing season at lake sardines. Around 40min there is Rogno little lake for sport practice.

Winter Sports

The closest ski resorts are Montecampione 55min, Colere 1h10, Val Palot 1h, Monte Pora 1h, Borno 1h, Aprica 1h50, Passo del Tonale 2h.

Lake Iseo cliffs  
Predore cliff 4a-8c
Castro cliff  
corno S.Giovanni Lovere 6b-5c
Rogno cliff 5a-6b
Covelo Iseo cliff 5c-6b
Madonna della Rota Marone cliff 5c-8a

General facilities

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  • Garden
  • Small solarium
  • Convenience store near
  • Private Parking

the quiet of the place will be evident immediately. The Magotina is located in the scenic hamlet of Cambianica, above the main village, a few minutes from the lake.

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