Between lake and mountains

A unique landscape, made of water, earth and sky, which is well suited for hiking and photo tours. The lake adds considerable vitality to the area with its continuous cangiare of designs and colors, moved by wind, currents and other weather agents. Typical is the lake with "fountains" when it is calm, with water that stagnates drawing patches of different colors. Other colors there are in the lake that "ochetta", with rippling white of waves, pushed by the wind from the storm. The lake has a unique magic, that will show to the guests that can spend a few hours close to it. Around this wonderful environment it will spawn several natural parks. The nature reserve of "Torbiere" (peat bogs) of Iseo , the park of "Gola del Tinazzo" in Castro , the park of fossil lakes of Sovere, the park of Pyramids of Zone. In the nature reserve of the cold valley, 350-700 meters , the presence of cold currents allows the growth of plant species typical of alpine environments. Always in the botanical field, the same Tavernola hosts at Villa Fenaroli an important private park, with even rare species. Luigi Fenaroli infact, was an important botanical scientist, world famous, which brought the kiwi in Italia/Europa and the sequoia on the Lake. Important in the nearby area, the incredible large cave abyss "Bueno Fonteno".


In our town characteristic is the lake front walk, which starting from the village, it develop until the gallery, where it continues outside till the park area of ​​the Horn of Predore. Here are some bald cypresses of Virginia, with their roots that grow in the water and thanks to their colors are especially beautiful in every season. For bathing, as well as the sand beach of sailing club, there are several green spaces near the police station, further south there are other beaches with gravel stones and a pair of narrow piers. These are recommended to lovers of tranquility. For those who prefer more equipped facilities, by car after driving for few kilometers there are several of it, even if they are less interesting from a landscape point of view. A must to see the beautiful natural amphitheater of Bogn di Castro, really nice to travel by car or walk in the narrow, picturesque street Riva-Castro: home to a commercial with George Clooney, and some scenes from the movie "The old guard 2", with a car chase up to Predore. Really beautiful also the pedestrian track Vello-Toline. Unmissable the navigation on the lake, a visit to Montisola and a passage even to the nature reserve of the Torbiere, close to Iseo.


Several trails and paths starting from Magotina to Cambianica and other surroundings of the town of Tavernola, climbing towards Vigolo and Parzanica, to continue toward other paths in the neighboring territories of Predore, Sarnico, Fonteno, etc. A not very high altitude there are lake trails "de mes" and "de bas" in the upper part of the municipality of Tavernola. Then climbing to the territory of Vigolo you can appreciate the panoramic view of the lake from Mount Bronzone, highest mountain of the Low Sebino. For fans of high grounds of the lake, great views can be found from other peaks on Sebino area: from sanctuary of St. John in Mount Cala, from horn Thirty Steps, from Mount Guglielmo, from peak Almana. 360 view of the lake from sanctuary of Ceriola at the top of Montisola, in the center of the lake. Also interesting is the complex of pyramids of Zone, a unique result of the erosive force. Erosion has carved the bottom, but was saved the land of the Pyramids, under the boulders. The most impressive has a height of about 30 meters, a base diameter of 8 meters and is protected at the top by a boulder of four meters in diameter.

Rino gorge

Just a few minutes from Magotina there is one of the most beautiful canyoning routes in Lombardy, in the ravine of Rino torrent, which has close vertical walls. The route can be divided into two sections starting from the Milesi source: the first (1km) which goes from the source to the mouth of Rino torrent, is called "downstream section", while the second (1.5 km) which rises from source and exceeds Lughel Bridge, it is called "upstream section". Excursions are organized by canyoning lab, in the upper video you can take a 3d look at one of the first torrent downhill.

Crystal cave

Near Rino gorge was discovered a very special cave: a magical world, for now length half a kilometer, made of tunnels covered with stalactites, stalagmites, small and large tubs, floral formations and especially numerous "cave pearls", a rarity of pure white calcite. Currently it is closed because human passage can brings it damage, waiting to understand how to make it usable by public. In the video the moments of his discovery by the speleological group Underland.

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the quiet of the place will be evident immediately. The Magotina is located in the scenic hamlet of Cambianica, above the main village, a few minutes from the lake.

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