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Visual indication

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1 Arrive in the village

Arrived in Tavernola go up following Vigolo direction. At the top of the uphill, follow the road to the right.

2 First hairpin bend

Prosecute beyond the first hairpin bend.

3 Second hairpin bend

Prosecute beyond the second hairpin bend.

4 Supermarket Sebino

Prosecute beyond Supermarket Sebino.

5 Go to the left

at the stop, go to the left on Vigolo direction. Prosecute for 50 meters.

6 Arrive

here is Magotina, you will see the sign. You can park your car on the pitch.

General facilities

  • Free Wifi
  • Garden
  • Small solarium
  • Convenience store near
  • Private Parking
the quiet of the place will be evident immediately. The Magotina is located in the scenic hamlet of Cambianica, above the main village, a few minutes from the lake.

Need help? Call us

+39 339 5715206 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 18.30pm
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